Engaging + Motivating

Make learning fun! Motivate participation through game based learning and rewards in a social setting

Progress tracker

A powerful dashboard to record student achievement at your finger tips. Analyse results in real-time. An essential “tool for schools”

Adaptive technology

Enhance the learning process! Students will learn at their own pace, reducing frustration and leading to higher memory retention

Innovate + Engage +  Motivate

Teachers know that personalisation is the key to success in education but how can a teacher address the needs of each and every student? The answer is to use game based learning


Progress tracker – dashboard

The Dashboard allows teachers to analyse student activity and performance across a whole section or drill down into individual student profiles to determine exactly why a student is struggling


Adaptive technology

Students have different skills and needs. Our pioneering approach draws on the students own history to produce a personalised learning experience. Students are highly motivated and perform better


Our Mission

Our mission is to create wonderful learning experiences for students around the world through the promotion of game based learning. Learning should be fun!

Improve students results

Students love a challenge and strive to achieve higher rankings in our leaderboards

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Let’s make learning fun with game dynamics

Real time assessment

Progress maps

Reward system


Leader boards

Immediate feedback

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